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Lisa Dillman Headshot
Lisa Dillman
Teaching Professor of Spanish
N504 Callaway Center
Hernán Feldman Headshot
Hernán Feldman
Associate Professor in Spanish
S513 Callaway Center
Jennifer Feldman Headshot
Jennifer Feldman
Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish
S506 Callaway Center
Robert Goddard Headshot
Robert Goddard
Associate Teaching Professor, Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program
S505 Callaway Center
Hazel Gold Headshot
Hazel Gold
Associate Professor of Spanish
S514 Callaway Center
María Elva González-Hernández Headshot
María Elva González-Hernández
Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish
S503 Callaway Center
Vialla Hartfield-Méndez Headshot
Vialla Hartfield-Méndez
Teaching Professor of Spanish
N507 Callaway Center
Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola Headshot
Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola
Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
S510 Callaway Center
Xochitl Marsilli-Vargas Headshot
Xochitl Marsilli-Vargas
Associate Professor of Spanish
S512 Callaway Center
Katherine Ostrom Headshot
Katherine Ostrom
Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
S504 Callaway Center
Marília Ribeiro Headshot
Marília Ribeiro
Associate Teaching Professor of Portuguese
S507 Callaway Center
César Sierra Headshot
César Sierra
Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish
S508 Callaway Center
Karen Stolley Headshot
Karen Stolley
Professor of Spanish
S511 Callaway Center
Ana Catarina Teixeira Headshot
Ana Catarina Teixeira
Associate Teaching Professor of Portuguese
N509 Callaway Center
Donald Tuten Headshot
Donald Tuten
Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
S515 Callaway Center
Leonardo Velloso-Lyons Headshot
Leonardo Velloso-Lyons
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
N513 Callaway Center
José Luis Boigues Headshot
José Luis Boigues
Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
N503 Callaway Center
H. Robyn Clarke Headshot
H. Robyn Clarke
Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish and Linguistics
N511 Callaway Center

Visiting Faculty

Brian Gravely Headshot
Brian Gravely
Visiting Lecturer, Spanish
S506A Callaway Center
Leda Lozier Headshot
Leda Lozier
Visiting Lecturer, Spanish
N514 Callaway Center
Laura Torres-Rodriguez Headshot
Laura Torres-Rodriguez
Visiting Associate Professor of Spanish
N510 Callaway Center
Gui Von Streber Headshot
Gui Von Streber
Visiting Assistant Professor, Spanish
S502 Callaway Center

Affiliated Faculty

Irene Browne Headshot
Irene Browne
Associate Professor of Sociology
Mariana P. Candido Headshot
Mariana P. Candido
Associate Professor, Department of History
Dabney Evans Headshot
Dabney Evans
Associate Professor, Global Health
Emil’ Keme Headshot
Emil’ Keme
Professor of English and Indigenous Studies
Uriel Kitron Headshot
Uriel Kitron
Goodrich C. White Professor of Environmental Science
Jeffrey Lesser Headshot
Jeffrey Lesser
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of History, Department of History
Valérie Loichot Headshot
Valérie Loichot
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of French and English
David Nugent Headshot
David Nugent
Professor, Department of Anthropology
Megan E. O'Neil Headshot
Megan E. O'Neil
Assistant Professor and Faculty Curator, Art of the Americas, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Department of Art History
Pablo Palomino Headshot
Pablo Palomino
Associate Professor of Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Oxford College
Thomas D. Rogers Headshot
Thomas D. Rogers
Professor, Department of History
Natália Salgado Bueno Headshot
Natália Salgado Bueno
Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Staton Headshot
Jeffrey Staton
Professor, Department of Political Science
Devin Stewart Headshot
Devin Stewart
Professor, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Javier Villa-Flores Headshot
Javier Villa-Flores
Associate Professor, Department of Religion
Yanna Yannakakis Headshot
Yanna Yannakakis
Professor, Department of History

Emeritus Faculty

Emilia Navarro Headshot
Emilia Navarro
Emeritus Faculty
Cristina de la Torre Headshot
Cristina de la Torre
Emeritus Faculty
José Quiroga † Headshot
José Quiroga †
Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, Department of Comparative Literature