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Spanish Placement Exam

The online Spanish Placement Exam is required of everyone wishing to take Spanish (and most people wanting to take Portuguese) at Emory College. It takes most people less than thirty minutes to complete. The score you receive upon submitting the test does not tell you what Spanish course you should take; that information will be emailed to you and available in the Communications section of the OPUS Student Center.

Read more about the exam and the Spanish placement process on the Spanish Placement page. The Spanish Placement Exam is also part of the Portuguese placement process.

Academic Honesty

The Spanish Placement Exam is to be completed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Emory College Honor Code, and every student who applies to and is accepted by Emory College, as a condition of acceptance, agrees to abide by the provisions of the Honor Code so long as he or she remains a student at Emory College.

Sections 4 (c) and 4 (d) of the Honor Code cite the following types of academic misconduct as grounds for reprimand or expulsion: 

(c) Seeking, using, giving, or obtaining unauthorized assistance or information in any academic assignment or examination; 

(d) Intentionally giving false information to professors or instructors for the purpose of gaining an academic advantage. 

This includes giving any false answers on the survey portion of the placement exam. You are therefore expected to complete the Spanish Placement Exam individually, without help from others, and to complete it to the best of your ability.

By continuing from this page to the actual Placement Exam, you automatically accept and re-affirm your pledge to abide by the Honor Code of Emory University.

Important Instructions

After you click on the link below:

  • create an account and use your 7-digit Emory ID as student ID.
  • DO NOT USE YOUR NETID; it will invalidate the test.
  • If you have previously taken an online placement exam for French or German, please email  
  • Your name must match your Emory records exactly or the notification system will not recognize your exam.
  • GRADUATE STUDENTS - please contact after taking the online exam for your placement result. You will NOT receive an automated email notification.