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All graduate students who are admitted to the doctoral program in Hispanic Studies at Emory are funded for five years through a Graduate School Fellowship: Standard Fellowship, Centennial Fellowship, Woodruff Fellowship, or Laney Fellowship. All fellowships come with a 12-month annual stipend, full tuition remission, and health insurance.

Students who are beyond their initial 5-year funding package can apply for a sixth year of funding through a number of competitive Advanced Student Fellowships. The details of these fellowships — the application deadlines, responsibilities, and levels of funding — change from year to year.

The Graduate School makes regular announcements about these opportunities via email and often sponsors information meetings about applying for these fellowships. The most current information about application processes and guidelines can be found on the Laney Graduate School website.

Professional Development Support Funds

The LGS provides funds to students seeking to acquire specialized research skills by traveling to other locations, conduct fieldwork or archival research away from Emory, and present their research at significant professional conferences. 

Students are eligible for $2,500 in the three categories of training, research, and conferences. Funds are not guaranteed, but are subject to application and review. Additionally, for training and research, students may also apply for more than the $2,500 through a competitive process that, like many grants and fellowships, involves committee review.

Professional Development Support Funds (PDS)

Opportunities for Summer Teaching and Study Abroad

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese hosts a number of undergraduate study abroad programs. Graduate students have the opportunity to serve as TAs abroad. Additionally, there are opportunities for graduate students to teach summer courses at Emory. 

Opportunities for Summer Teaching and Study Abroad