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Spanish Placement

Study Spanish

Spanish is spoken by hundreds of millions of people around the world, including tens of millions in the US, and many Emory students and faculty.

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers academically rigorous courses at multiple levels, all aimed at deepening understanding of the the Spanish-speaking world.

Which Spanish class should I take first?

Take the online, Spanish Placement Exam check for results in your OPUS Notification Center, and register for the appropriate level. Do not register for a lower level of Spanish than your placement results; you will not be allowed to stay in the class.

Students begin our program at different points:

  • SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I, offered every fall and summer, is designed for students with no previous knowledge of the language. The sequence continues with SPAN 102 in the spring.
  • SPAN 111: Intensive Spanish, offered only in the spring, is designed for students with minimal exposure to the language. The sequence continues with SPAN 201, offered every summer and fall.
  • SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I, offered every fall and summer, is where most Emory students start after having studied Spanish for several years in high school. The sequence continues with SPAN 202 in the spring.
  • SPAN 212: Intro to Hispanic Texts and Contexts, offered every semester, is the first course in the sequence that counts toward the Spanish major and minor. Many first-year students, especially those who've taken AP Spanish, begin at this level.
  • Spanish foundational courses (SPAN 300-318): we offer a range of advanced courses on diverse topics for students who place into this level. Many native and heritage Spanish speakers begin here.

What if I can't register for the Spanish course I placed into?

Spanish classes are in high demand. Some spaces will open up during the add/drop/swap period in August, but not everyone who wants to take Spanish during their first year will be able to. Here are some other options:

What else can I do with Spanish?

  • Study abroad or do research in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Pursue a major or minor in the department.
  • Participate in the weekly tertulias and other events. Look for announcements here.

Fill the Language Requirement

Humanities, Arts, and Language (HAL) Requirement and Intercultural Communication (IC) Requirement

Emory students are required to take two language courses, normally two semesters in the same language, beginning at the appropriate level as determined by language departments.

There are several ways of filling the HAL requirement in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese:

  • Take two sequential courses in Portuguese (ex.: 101 and 102; 110 and 201).
  • Take two sequential courses in Spanish (ex.: 201 and 202; 212 and 304).
  • Combine a Spanish course numbered 212 or above with PORT 110: Portuguese for Spanish Speakers.
  • Combine AP or IB Spanish credit with SPAN 212 or higher.
  • Take two language courses concurrently while studying abroad in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country.

Continued Writing and Continuing Communication (W)

  • Many 300- and 400-level Portuguese and Spanish courses fill these requirements. Look for the "W" tag.