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Casa Émory

Bienvenides/Bem-vindxs/Welcome to Casa Émory: The Spanish & Portuguese House!

Casa Émory is a theme residence for students who wish to broaden their knowledge of Spanish and/or Portuguese outside of the classroom setting. It's the perfect place to live on campus while keeping up everyday use of the languages as well as contact with the cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world.

Casa Émory offers a comfortable and family-like environment, where the focus on "living in" Spanish and Portuguese.

Residents collaborate with Emory's Department of Spanish and Portuguese to host a variety of cultural events throughout the year, many of them open to other students and community members.

Spanish and Portuguese majors and minors, native and heritage speakers, students who are planning to study abroad or have returned from abroad, and others with a strong interest in the Ibero-American world are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Most Casa Émory residents apply in February to live in the case for the following academic year.

When you fill out your Housing application and agreement at, answer "Yes" for interest in Theme Housing/Theme Communities and then select Casa Émory. A link to the specific Casa Émory application will appear in your MyHousing Portal.

The priority deadline for fall 2023 is February 13th. If you miss the deadline, go ahead and submit an application anyway, since spaces do often open up, for example when current residents go to study abroad during the spring semester.

For more information, visit the Theme Housing page at Emory Housing. 

Contact faculty advisor Dr. Katherine Ostrom at for questions about academic and department involvement and resident selection; Gina Savedra at for Residential Life issues, and for questions about costs and the general housing application and deadlines.