Major in Spanish and Portuguese

The Combined Major in Spanish and Portuguese is a program of humanistic study that requires a minimum of 36 credits at the intermediate and advanced level, roughly evenly divided between Spanish and Portuguese. This major is especially recommended for students who arrive at Emory with a strong background in Spanish and a desire to deepen their understanding of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds, as well as to develop their linguistic, communicative, and critical-thinking skills.

Spanish 202 and Portuguese 110 are considered prerequisites for the major. Students may take these courses at Emory or place directly into more advanced courses that count toward the major (SPAN 212 and above, PORT 201 and above). Courses from outside the department such as Linguistics 101 and History 361 may also count as electives toward the major. 

Ideally, students in this program will study abroad in two different summer or semester terms, once in a Portuguese-speaking country and once in a Portuguese-speaking country. It is also possible to complete the major using only courses taught at Emory.

If you are interested in declaring a Major in Spanish and Portuguese, please contact the Director of the Portuguese Program, currently Dr. Ana Catarina Teixeira, to set up an appointment. Dr. Teixeira is the principal adviser for the Minor in Lusophone Studies, the Major in Spanish and Portuguese, and study abroad in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Requirements for the Major in Spanish and Portuguese