Graduate Program

The Spanish PhD program has paused admissions for program revisions. We hope to resume admissions for fall 2017. A more definitive timeline will be posted when available.

The graduate program in Spanish at Emory revolves around two essential goals: to provide students with a rigorous critical foundation and to allow them ample opportunity for interdisciplinary work--all without neglecting a strong formation in the literatures of Spain and Spanish America.

The courses offered reflect the variety of the faculty's interests and engage different modalities of interpretation such as cultural studies, psychoanalysis, post-structuralism and feminist theory. Students are strongly encouraged to take courses in other departments germane to their scholarly interests: Comparative Literature, French, Women's Studies, etc. There is also the possibility of acquiring a Certificate in Comparative Literature or Women's Studies while pursuing the graduate program in Spanish.

All graduate students participate in the department's Summer Graduate Program in Salamanca. A rigorous and innovative teaching assistant training program prepares students for the teaching component of their future professional careers. In addition, the faculty sponsors yearly seminars intended to provide students with a knowledge of the profession and of the skills necessary to participate successfully in it. There is an endowed fund that is used to host speakers, symposia and other scholarly activities that complement the Department's rich intellectual life.

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