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Core Faculty in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Ana Catarina Teixeira

Ana Teixeira

Professor Ana Catarina Teixeira completed her PhD in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Brown University (2014). Prior to joining the faculty at Emory in 2014, Prof. Teixeira taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of North Carolina at Asheville, the University of Rhode Island, and Brigham Young University. Her primary research and teaching interests are in the areas of postcolonial and cultural studies, with a focus on the formation of national identity in post-independence Angolan narratives and the literary and cinematographic connections of the Luso-Afro-Brazilian triangle. She is also interested in best practices for second-language acquisition.

She has directed the Portuguese Program at Emory since 2015, and is the advisor for the Spanish and Portuguese major and the Lusophone Studies minor. Prof. Teixeira is also Core Faculty at the Institute for African Studies, for which she teaches multiple cross-listed courses.

Prof. Teixeira has lived, travelled and done research in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, and the Cape Verde islands. Her work on the literatures and cultures of Lusophone Africa, Portugal, and Brazil includes multiple published articles, reviews, author interviews, and translations.

She is also the proud mother of Lucas and Beatriz.

Katherine Ostrom

Katherine Ostrom

Katherine Ostrom grew up in Minnesota and has spent time in Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, and Romania. She holds a B.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Chicago and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures and Cultures from the University of Minnesota. Her recent research has focused on formulations of gender, sexuality, and national identity in hard-boiled crime fiction from Argentina and Brazil. Her other research and teaching interests include adaptation and parody, popular music, Afro-Latin American history and culture, and dictatorship and human rights.

Prof. Ostrom directed the Portuguese program at Emory from 2012 to 2015. In January 2016, she became Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Spanish Major and Minor, but she continues to teach Portuguese as well as Spanish and to help organize Portuguese program activities.


Ana Letícia Fauri

ana fauriAna Leticia Fauri holds an M. A. and a Ph. D. in Literary Theory from Faculdade de Letras at PUCRS (2006), in Brazil, and a second M. A. and Ph.D. in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (2016) from Brown University.

 Originally from Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil, professor Fauri has experienced living, researching, and teaching in Brazil, Portugal, and in the United States. She has published several articles and essays on the representation of identity, and the political thought and ideology of Portuguese and Brazilian writers. She is currently editing her first book on Erico Verissimo’s political thought, in which she examines and counterpoints the last five novels published by the southern Brazilian writer with historical data from several archives, including Verissimo’s, the National Archives in Maryland and in Rio de Janeiro, the Hispanic Division of the National Library of Congress in Washington D.C., and the Houghton Library at Harvard University.

Her current research interests focus on expanding the understanding of how government repressive mechanisms in the twentieth century impacted literature and culture in Brazil and in Portugal. Other research and teaching interests include literature from the Lusophone world, literary theory, relations between history and fiction, and the representation of gender and social disparities in Portuguese and Brazilian literature.


Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants

Each year, Emory hosts Foreign Language Teaching Assistants sponsored by the Fulbright Program who teach Portuguese classes and organize activities at Casa Émory and elsewhere on campus and around Atlanta. This is a competitive scholarship that brings us talented graduate students from Brazil's top universities.

Camili Daiani Maranho Alvarenga


Camili Daiani Maranho Alvarenga was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a B.A. in Portuguese and Spanish Language and Literature from the Federal University of São Paulo and an M.A. in Portuguese as a Mother Language at the same University (2017). She has experience in teaching English and Spanish at foreign language schools in Brazil. Camili has participated in the creation of textbooks over her teaching career and has experience in proofreading, recording audio CD’s and producing educational videos.

Larissa Bougleux

larissaLarissa Bougleux holds an MA degree in English Language and Literatures from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil. Her master’s research and publications focus on social politics and cultural studies within cinematographic representation of minorities. She has lived in several parts of Brazil as well as in the United States and England and her appreciation for languages is overt, making second language acquisition a major part of her professional life. She has worked with applied linguistics at UFSC since 2010, in the Extracurricular Program of the English department, in which she taught English as a second language and coordinated the department during the year 2016. Additionally, she has taught Portuguese as a second language since 2014 for the undergraduate programs of several US universities, such as the University of California group, in their study abroad program in Brazil, in association with UFSC and the US non-profit organization USAC. Bougleux has also been awarded a US Federal government grant to mentor advanced Portuguese students from the National Security Office (ProjectGO) during their study abroad experience in Brazil. She is also a CELPE-BRAS Portuguese proficiency test applier for the Federal Brazilian Government.

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