Portuguese Placement

As with all languages, it is important that you enroll in the correct level when beginning Portuguese studies at Emory. Since many incoming students have experience with Spanish and the two languages are closely related, Portuguese placement is based mainly on Spanish level. 

New students

Students who are new to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese must take the online Spanish Placement Exam. The results, delivered to your email and OPUS Notification Center, will tell you not only where to start in Spanish but also where to start in Portuguese:

  • If you place into SPAN 101, 111, or 201, you may register for PORT 101/PORT 102 Elementary Portuguese (two-semester sequence)
  • If you place into SPAN 300-318, register for PORT 110: Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers (taught every semester).
  • If you place into Spanish 212, please contact Prof. Ana Catarina Teixeira, Director of the Portuguese Program, at ana.teixeira@emory.edu to discuss options in Portuguese. We encourage you to enroll in SPAN 212 and continue with PORT 110 the following semester. This is a unique way of satisfying Emory’s HAL requirement with courses in two different languages. We are the only language programs to have been granted such approval by Emory College of Arts and Sciences.

Students who have previous knowledge of Portuguese, are fluent in another Romance language, or have other questions or concerns about Portuguese should also contact Dr. Teixeira.

Please be aware that you may be removed from a course for which you register without proper placement. 

Advanced Spanish students

Students who have taken SPAN 212 or a 300-level Spanish class are strongly encouraged to take PORT 110: Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers as early as possible in their college career. This course counts as an elective for the Spanish major; many students who take go on to major in Spanish and Portuguese