Major in Spanish

The Spanish Major is a program of humanistic study of the Spanish-speaking world that requires a minimum of 36 credits. Most students take SPAN 212 (as one of three major electives) before moving on to 300-level Spanish Foundational Courses (at least three required) and, later, more focused 400-level courses (at least four required). Spanish majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country for at least one summer or semester term.

To declare a major, please go to the OUE website and fill out the online Declaration of Major/Minor form. Spanish majors meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, currently Prof. Jennifer Feldman, to finalize their declaration. Each Spanish major is also assigned a faculty adviser with whom they should meet each semester to discuss their progress and select courses.

Requirements for the Spanish Major

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Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a major in Spanish will be able to:

  1. Apply fundamental critical reading skills to the analysis and interpretation of a variety of styles and genres from a range of texts in Spanish, such as film, political discourse, online media, essays, novels, and journalistic writing;
  2. Produce written communications in academic Spanish;
  3. Use spoken Spanish in an academic setting in formal communicative modes, such as presentational, interpretative, interpersonal;
  4. Carry out and report on research related to the production and reception of primary and secondary texts arising in and about Hispanic communities in the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas.