Departmental Awards

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese presents awards for outstanding students in the areas of writing, community engagement, and general excellence in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. The following Departmental Awards are presented at the end of each academic year at the Spanish and Portuguese Majors Reception for graduating seniors. 

Emilia Navarro Award for Excellence in Spanish

Professor Emilia Navarro, a scholar of early modern Spanish literature, taught at Emory from 1968 to 2000. She passed away in 2007. This award recognizes the graduating senior in our program who has shown overall excellence in all aspects of the major.

Prof. Karen Stolley and Dalila Vázquez Herrera

2016-2017 Jason Ehrenzeller

2015-2016 Dalila Vázquez Herrera

(pictured with Prof. Karen Stolley)

2014-2015 Thomas Mark Cassaro

2013-2014 Kevin Arthur Applegate and Clara Eve Wynn

2012-2013 Caroline Elizabeth Bass

2011-2012 Michael Allen Wassef

2010-2011 Corey Moser

2009-2010 Anna Catherine Mersereau

2008-2009 Rachel Rebecca Koval

2007-2008 Seema Lal Balani

Carlos Rojas Award for Excellence in Writing

Prolific author and Professor Emeritus Carlos Rojas taught 20th -century Peninsular Literature at Emory from 1960 to 1996. This award recognizes the graduating senior in our program who has shown overall excellence in written Spanish, both in terms of grammatical and stylistic rigor and also the development of a strong and fluid authorial voice.

Prof. Lisa Dillman with Aileen Rivell

2016-2017 Joseph Benevento

2015-2016 Aileen Monica Ann Rivell

(pictured with Prof. Lisa Dillman)

2014-2015 Sara Alicia Guasch

2013-2014 Arielle Hannah Friehling

2012-2013 Rocio Castaneda 

2011-2012 Jessica Emilia Wahi

2010-2011 Richard Christopher White

2009-2010 Marki Lea Guzlas

2008-2009 Jessica Sellinger

Award for Excellence in Community Engagement

This award recognizes the graduating senior in our program who has shown excellence in programs related to Emory’s community of scholars, students and friends of Hispanism and/or the Atlanta Latino community.

Mandeville Wakefield, Prof. Vialla Hartfield-Méndez, and Margaret Quinn

2016-2017 Clarisa Isabel Hernandez

2015-2016 Margaret Elizabeth Quinn

(pictured with honorable mention Mandeville Wakefield and Prof. Vialla Hartfield-Méndez)

2014-2015 Olivia Nee’cole Payton

2013-2014 Maura Claire Lewandowski

2012-2013 Jazmin K. Simmons

Award for Excellence in Lusophone Studies

This new award was created in 2016 to recognize a student who shows excellence in all areas of studies of the Portuguese language and the Portuguese-speaking world.

Sana Hashim and Prof. Ana Catarina Teixeira

2016 - 2017 Hugh McGlade

2015-2016 Sana Aziz Hashim

(pictured with Prof. Ana Catarina Teixeira)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Student of the Year

This award recognizes the student in our program who has most demonstrated what we try to foster in the Program: the combination of academic excellence, experience living in diverse countries in the region, and commitment to the issues that affect the region’s inhabitants.

Prof. Robert Goddard, Brian Delgado, and Laila Atalla

2016 - 2017 Jose Santiago Bolaños

2015-2016 Laila Melia Atalla, Brian Delgado, and Elijah Preston Goodman

(Brian Delgado and Laila Atalla are pictured with Prof. Robert Goddard)

2012-2013 Samuel Antonio Molina

2011-2012 Ellen Corinne Woodcock

2010-2011 Carlos Marquez

2009-2010 Laura Oropeza