Summer in Brazil

Largo do Paissandu in downtown São Paulo. Photo by 2016 participant Marianna Freitas.

Emory Brazilian Studies Program 2020

São Paulo, Brazil, June 20 - July 18, 2020

Bem-vindos ao Brasil! In this program, you can experience immersion in Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in São Paulo, the largest metropolis in Latin America. You will spend four weeks taking Brazilian Cultural Imaginaries (HIST 330W/PORT 330W) and concurrently studying Portuguese language at the appropriate level. By living in the country itself, taking both courses, and participating in coordinated field trips, you will be immersed in the culture while building your linguistic, historical, cultural, and ethnographic knowledge.

Some of the planned excursions include visits to the Mercadão (largest commercial market in the city), Liberdade neighboorhood (home to many immigrant communities), as well as several museums and galleries.


All students enroll in two courses for a total of 8 credits.

  • All students take “Brazilian Cultural Imaginaries” and one Portuguese language course at the appropriate level, based on previous language experience.


  • Brazilian Cultural Imaginaries (4 credits) HIST 330W/PORT 330W:
    This course will focus on history, cultural practices, and social formations of metropolitan São Paulo, and will introduce students to key political and economic developments that have influenced contemporary society.


  • Beginning Portuguese for Speakers of Another Romance Language (4 credits) PORT 111 (May be canceled if not sufficiently enrolled): 
    PORT 111 is an intensive course for students with little or no preparation in the language, but are Spanish speakers (or of another Romance Language). It stressed the fundamental skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and also writing. Diverse aspects of Brazilian culture will be presented.


  • Mapping Sao Paulo through the Arts (Intermediate Portuguese, 4 credits) PORT 211: 
    PORT 211 aims to further develop communication skills in Portuguese and expand knowledge of Brazilian cultural traditions. This course is designed so as to dialogically interweave the arts and language acquisition. The students will be exposed to a vast array of meaningful artistic production.


  • Mapping Sao Paulo through the Arts (Advanced Portuguese, 4 credits) PORT 311: 
    PORT 311 is designed to interweave the arts and language acquisition. The students will be exposed to a vast array of meaningful artistic production, via the literary, performing, and visual arts. Students will further their linguistic competence through extensive practice in writing and speaking.

GERs: PORT 111, 211, and 311 satisfy one semester of the HAL requirment. HIST 330/PORT 330 satisfies one semester of the HSC requirement.

PORT 211, 311, and 330 count for the major in Spanish and Portuguese or minor in Lusophone Studies. PORT 111 counts as an elective for the major in Spanish.


Students must meet the regular Emory College Study Abroad eligibility requirements in addition to the following program-specific requirements:

  • Visiting students from other institutions are welcome to apply
  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • At least one semester of the Portuguese language or SPAN 212

If you have not studied Spanish or Portuguese at Emory, please take the Spanish Placement Exam; those who place into the SPAN 212 level or above have a sufficient level to take Portuguese for Spanish Speakers in Brazil. Contact Prof. Ana Catarina Teixeira at for more information.

Program Activities/Excursions

The program will include a variety of cultural activities: film, theater, concerts, sports events, and visits to cultural sites and museums. 

  • Meet individuals in São Paulo from each of Brazil’s 26 states and from many ethnic backgrounds including Japanese, Italian, Jewish, Syrian, and Lebanese in this global city
  • Experience the art of your classes first hand through the famous concert and opera venues Theatro Municipal and Sala São Paulo
  • Escape the metropolitan hustle and bustle for a weekend to do some ecotourism in Parque Estadual Serra do Mar just south of the city
  • São Paulo is one of the most famous cities for pizza in the world, sporting nearly 6,000 pizza restaurants, so you certainly won’t go hungry in your time living here  
  • São Paulo has a population of 11 millions residents in its city proper, and nearly 20 millions in its metropolitan boundaries

Costs and financial aid

  • Tuition (8 credits):$10,616
  • Housing and insurance:$1,300
  • Total cost:$11,916

Students who receive financial aid during the school year are also eligible for financial aid during the summer. Contact your financial aid advisor to get a specific quote for your financial aid package.

Contact Kate Dawson ( at Emory College Study Abroad for information about a variety of summer scholarships, including the Gillman Scholarship for students who receive Pell Grants, and the Wendy Lowenstein-Sandler Grant for those who have not previously traveled abroad.

Application deadlines and procedures

  • Application Deadlines: Applications will be accepted starting December 13.  The application deadline is February 21.  Emory College Study Abroad encourages students to submit their applications as early as possible, as some programs reach capacity by the end of January.

  • Acceptance ProcessYou need to complete your applications through the Study Abroad website. Please see the page dedicated to this program for more specific information on application procedures.

  • This program accepts applications on a rolling basis. Once submitting your application, please contact Dr. Ana Teixeira to schedule an application interview.

Faculty and contact information

Ana Teixeira
Program Director
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
509N Callaway

Jessica Mrase
Study Abroad Advisor

For general administrative questions (application process, fees, tuition, financial aid, enrollment, etc.), contact Kate Dawson of Emory College Study Abroad at

Visit Emory College Study Abroad for more detailed information on the Emory Brazilian Studies Program.