Fernando Valverde

Visiting Spanish Instructor

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Office: Callaway S513

Phone: 404-727-7952

Email: fernando.valverde.rodriguez@emory.edu


Dr. Fernando Valverde (Granada, 1980) is a visiting faculty member who holds a Ph.D. in Spanish and Latin American Literature, a B.A. in Hispanic Philology, a B.A. in Romance Philology and a B.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology. He has been voted the most relevant Spanish-language poet born since 1970 by nearly two hundred critics and researchers from more than one hundred international universities.

His books have been published in different countries of Europe and the Americas and translated into several languages. He has received some of the most significant awards for poetry in Spanish, among them the Federico García Lorca, the Emilio Alarcos del Principado de Asturias and the Antonio Machado awards. His last book, The Insistence of Harm, has been the bestselling book of poetry in Spain for months and has received the Book of the Year award from the Latino American Writers Institute of the City University of New York.

For his collaboration in a work of fusion between poetry and flamenco he was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2014.

For ten years he has worked as a journalist for the highly-regarded Spanish newspaper El País, during which time he has been a special envoy to Kosovo, Palestine, Bosnia and Syria, among other places.  He directs the International Festival of Poetry in Granada, one of the most important literary events in Europe, that has welcomed more than 300 authors, including several Nobel Prize laureates. He is the director of the publishing firm Visor Books in America and a member of the editorial board of Valparaíso Ediciones. He also teaches Spanish language, culture, literature and poetry.