Teaching Assistants

Camili Alvarenga

Camili AlvarengaCamili Daiani Maranho Alvarenga was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a B.A. in Portuguese and Spanish Language and Literature from the Federal University of São Paulo. and an M.A. in Portuguese as a Mother Language at the same University (2017). She has experience in teaching English and Spanish at foreign language schools in Brazil. Camili has participated in the creation of textbooks over her teaching career and has experience in proofreading, recording audio CD’s and producing educational videos.

Larissa Bougleux

Lisa BougleuxLarissa Bougleux holds an MA degree in English Language and Literatures from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil. Her master’s research and publications focus on social politics and cultural studies within cinematographic representation of minorities. She has lived in several parts of Brazil as well as in the United States and England and her appreciation for languages is overt, making second language acquisition a major part of her professional life. She has worked with applied linguistics at UFSC since 2010, in the Extracurricular Program of the English department, in which she taught English as a second language and coordinated the department during the year 2016. Additionally, she has taught Portuguese as a second language since 2014 for the undergraduate programs of several US universities, such as the University of California group, in their study abroad program in Brazil, in association with UFSC and the US non-profit organization USAC. Bougleux has also been awarded a US Federal government grant to mentor advanced Portuguese students from the National Security Office (ProjectGO) during their study abroad experience in Brazil. She is also a CELPE-BRAS Portuguese proficiency test applier for the Federal Brazilian Government.

Samanta de Frutos

Samanta de Frutos GarciaSamanta de Frutos García was born in Madrid, Spain. She holds a BA in Hispanic Philology from the University of Valencia ( 2015),with a focus in Linguistics and Literature. Before graduating, she also studied abroad, during 2013-2014, with an Erasmus Scholarship at the University of Bucharest (UB), Romania, where she became interested in second language acquisition and cultural studies. In 2015 she enrolled in a Master's Degree inTeaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Salamanca (USAL).

Prior to joining the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Emory University, De Frutos spent the AY 2016-2017 at Changzhou University in Changzhou, China, teaching a variety of courses: Press Reading, Listening Spanish News and Oral Skills. Before this experience, she taught Spanish to diverse student populations in Spain at Cursos Internacionales in Salamanca, Colegio Delibes in Salamanca, Proyecto Puntal at the University of Salamanca and Route 66 in Valencia.

De Frutos is interested in second language acquisiton and pedagogy, sociolinguistics and pragmatics studies and the application of new technologies to foreign language pedagogy.