Professional Development

The program offers and expects students to participate in an ongoing series of professional development (or professionalization) workshops which complement the required coursework. Some of these are oriented primarily towards beginning students, others primarily to more advanced students (such as those who are actively seeking employment). Workshop topics, which will be offered on annual or biennial basis, include the following:

  • Publishing in refereed journals (in conjunction with HISP 520): choosing journals, expectations and protocols for submission of journal articles, and how these vary from journal to journal (particularly important in an interdisciplinary program).
  • Conference presentations: why attend conferences, choosing the best conference for sharing one’s research, crafting an audience-appropriate presentation (particularly important in an interdisciplinary program, which can include reading aloud of papers as well as poster and semi-scripted PowerPoint presentations).
  • Career pathways within the academy (especially geared to new students).
  • Career pathways beyond the professoriate (especially geared to new students).
  • Introduction to digital humanities and publishing: what they are, examples, and where to find resources on campus and beyond.
  • Introduction to public and community-engaged scholarship/pedagogy: ethics, goals, methods, campus resources.
  • Understanding university organization and cultures: how do they work, who does what, diversity of views and approaches.
  • Involving undergraduate students in research and integrating research into teaching (geared to more advanced students).
  • Becoming a new faculty member: responsibilities and opportunities (especially geared to advanced students).
  • Job market workshops: preparing the dossier, choosing where to apply, preparing and practicing for interviews (geared to students on the job market).

Alumni David Slade and Kerry Hegarty conduct a workshop on "Tenure Matters"

The Laney Graduate School also offers a range of professional development and career planning programming that encourages students to develop their professional skills and to engage with broader professional communities.

  • Sharpen your professional skills related to grant writing, communicating your research, teaching and more;
  • Explore careers within the academy and beyond the professoriate, and connect with successful alumni who have used their degrees to great professional success;
  • Manage the job search through advanced preparation and a plan to navigate the search process;
  • Explore fellowship and grant opportunities, from advanced fellowships offered by LGS and Emory partners to external opportunities that build professional capacity;
  • Master the art of teaching and gain experience with the proven and cutting-edge pedagogical tools;
  • Establish a foundational understanding of ethics and the responsible conduct of research;
  • Learn how to build successful mentoring relationships
  • And more!