María José Vélez Ruggieri

Cohort 2021


María José is an Argentinian PhD student in Hispanic Studies. She earned a B.A in Social Communication and Journalism from the Universidad Católica de Santiago del Estero in 2019. During her undergraduate years, María developed a strong interest in the relationship between language and politics. In her undergraduate thesis “¿Por qué es confusa nuestra ortografía?”, she analysed the orthography of the users on the social network WhatsApp. In attending the “I Encuentro Internacional: derechos lingüísticos como derechos humanos”, she became interested in glottopolitical studies and adopted this perspective in her subsequent research. María spent the two years before Emory studying in the U.S. Becoming interested in the Latin American social movements of the new era, she narrowed her focus to the intersectionality of language, culture and politics in Latin America. Nowadays, María’s research interest is the linguistic, cultural and political perspective between Spanish and the indigenous languages of the Argentine Chaco (Qom, Wichi and Moqoit).