Yeongju Lee

Cohort 2017


I am a scholar of Latin American and Latinx Studies specializing in the intersections of global coloniality and in comparative racial/ethnic formations. My dissertation, titled “Latino Soldiers and Global Coloniality: The Korean War”, addresses limitations in our grasp of coloniality by focusing on the history of Latino soldiers deployed in the Korean War beyond the conventional geographic scope of Latinx Studies limited to the Americas. Drawing on archival materials, oral histories, and literary texts on Puerto Rican and Mexican American experiences of the war, I explore how the Latinx inclusion into the military labor of empire-building complicated the positionality of U.S. racial minorities in the global and domestic social order. To foster conversations between Latinx Studies and Transpacific Studies, I have presented my research in international conferences including the Latin American Studies Association, American Comparative Literature Association, and Latin American Studies Association of Korea. Before coming to the US, I received BA and MA in Hispanic Language and Literature from Seoul National University, South Korea.