Juan David Escobar


Juan David earned a B.A in English (2008-2011) and a MA in Latin American Literature (2012-2015) at the National University of Colombia, where he has been an English instructor and Literature professor since 2012. During his undergraduate years, he became involved with translation and literary theory. Juan David's undergraduate thesis explored Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray through the lens of Nietzsche’s theory of Apollonian and Dionysian discourse. He then turned his attention to Latin American literature. While pursuing a master’s degree, he wrote a thesis on Macedonio Fernández’s Museo de la Novela de la Eterna and Adriana Buenos Aires and the way the author deconstructs the reader of the realist tradition in both novels. Currently, Juan David is interested in the history of literary translation in Latin America, Latin American literature, translation theory, literary theory, language acquisition, aesthetics and politics.