Lisa Dillman

Director of Honors Program and Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Office: 503S Callaway Center

Phone: 404-727-7946



Lisa Dillman was raised in California and studied Spanish at the University of California, San Diego before completing an M.A. in Spanish Literature at Emory. After teaching and working as a translator in Madrid and Barcelona, she moved to the UK, where she worked as an editor, taught Spanish at the University of North London and pursued her interest in literary translation, obtaining a second M.A. in Literary Translation from Middlesex University. She is co-editor (with Peter Bush) of the book Spain: A Literary Traveler’s Companion and has translated many novels and scholarly works, including Zigzag (by José Carlos Somoza), The Scroll of Seduction (by Gioconda Belli), Pot Pourri: Whistlings of a Vagabond (by Eugenio Cambaceres, Op Oloop (by Juan Filloy,) The Mule, by Juan Eslava Galán (the original novel was turned into a motion picture) Critical Dictionary of Mexican Literature (by Christopher Domínguez Michael), The Frost on His Shoulders (by Lorenzo Mediano), Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World (by Sabina Berman). She also co-translated The Polish Boxer (by Eduardo Halfon) with a team of five (Ollie Brock, Danny Hahn, Thomas Bunstead and Ann McLean). Her translations of Andrés Barba’s After the Rain and Yuri Herrera’s Signs Preceding the End of the World will be published in 2014.